back to blog !

Hi everyone, back to blog again. Jacky

Love ~OL~

Office boy and girl.

Now my sweetie is working in Batey Consulting (Singapore) as intern, Office hours… got to wake up early..

Love ~Sweetie’s Birthday coming~

Oh O, It’s coming again… time used to fly but now it flashes…

Love ~Valentine’s Day~

We both played a game “25 things you got to know about me”, Both of us will tell each other about ourselves, What you THINK,DO,FEEL,WANT from yourself, as well as from your significant other.

26th things for you to know is “I wish my eyes were camera so that I can capture every moment with you. ”  Thanks sweetie !

Try it ! It will improve your relationship. Please call us if you’re not sure about it . (^^,)  (Pics not out yet, stay tuned)

Here’s my dedication to my hughug monster. A korean mtv I like alot.

Work ~Last day~

After 1 year of working life at Toshiba, it feels like I have been with Toshiba for 3 years. I am sad to leave them during this period. The whole team has now left with a “1 month old” new colleugue + a sales manager. Used to be 4 of us but now left 2, Friday was my last day. Will be enjoying my 2 unplanned week before starting work at Samsung Asia on the 9th of March. Heard that I will be shaking my legs for this 2 months before Samsung launch their notebooks in Singapore the GROUND ZERO market. Looking forward.

Work ~Why I’ve decided to leave~

I remember reading this book that quotes “Be ready when opportunity comes…Luck is the time when preparation and opportunity meets.” and “Take a chance! All life is a chance. The man who goes the furthest is generally the one who is willing to do and dare.” Now I’m ready. Jacky




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