superman days without his superwoman

Day 1

Love –

Dear (*^,^)/,  how are you ? imissualot !!! I want to see you now !!! lets buy new phone !!!. Don’t worry about your Treo’s LCD crack, as long as you’re alright then everything will be fine. (she trip and fell then her phone flew away from her little hand) . c(^,^c)

Work –

Got a call from a head hunting company asking for my CV. I know which company is hunting for Channel Sales Assistant Manager currently… Another step up for me to go ahead from Account Executive to Channel Sales Assistant Manager.

The only 2 potential brand I could think of would be Samsung and Gateway, but the problem is Samsung notebook died off last time round when they launched their notebooks.. as for Gateway, its already brought over by Acer.. what’s the diff ?

Today I feel that I’m underpaid.. considering to change or not to change.

Day 2

Love –

How is your shopping my dear ? Next time we will get a 3G or 4G or 5G phone so I can see you anytime !!! went home about 530pm, fell asleep early again… woke up at 230am.. haha.. now the time is 430am.. cannot sleep already..imissualotalot

Work –

Nothing to do much today, Met up with Simon for lunch (so many of you claim that he look like Yan Ning’s boyfriend).

Day 3 .. To be continued



December 20, 2008 - Posted by | i miss you very much, MaoMao, \(*'-')/c('.'c)

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