Surprise Movie Date + Busy Bumble Bee Days……..


Knowing that i would definitely love this show, the sweet man took the initiative to book tickets secretly online. And so…. mao and mie went on a movie date at vivocity. Believe it or not, it was both mao and mie’s first experience at GV vivocity. The 2 mountain tortises finally had a feel of GV at vivo..

As the saying goes…. Better Late Than Never!  We are not tortises anymore!

The happy date started off with happy photo taking session. Dear’s undying patience made this “photo of the day” possible.

The uber happy day became a little tearful as the movie progressed. So sad and touching. It reminded mie of Stormy somehow. Sobbed and sobbed uncontrollably. And everyone else in the cinema did. This has to be in mie’s favourite show list.

Mao will get mie the dvd (:

Chanced upon Jeremy and Kaile while leaving. That’s the last thing tear-faced mie wanted…. boo hoo

Also, many happy things kept mie too busy to blog.  

Attended Cozycot’s HolyGrail party and signed up with Jill Loewe’s workshop. Attended maomao’s nephew, Hock’s wedding over the weekend . Weddings are so touching.

And also… I’m finally proceeding with my yoga course in hope to pursue a yoga instructor cert. And there evil maomao goes, laughing at my endless little ambitions… (pr,nurse,social worker, little cook, property agent, housewife, teacher, florist, yoga instructor) He never fail to laugh at them.

*Hope to Must grad by end next year so that school will hinder the achievement of my little dreams. *


September 10, 2008 - Posted by | Mie, \(*'-')/c('.'c), ~♥♥~

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