The Rendezvous

Sweet maomao makes dates with mie in my organiser. He penned this down sometime ago. But i wasnt allowed to peep. Until the week/day itself arrives, then i’ll know. The anxious mie kept guessing but the sly mao refuse to budge .

He knows that my poor little feet is often dry and constantly plagued by calluses, so he brought mie to Kampong Fish Therapy and fed mie to the fishes ….

The fishes looked friggin big and hungry. Got poor mie was super terrified at first. )=

But people there looked so happy and relaxed…

The cozy little place has a happy and relaxed environment.

See? Maomao is falling asleep already. And best of all, they offer pedicure services  There are so many colours for mie to choose from. My little feet are in for a treat!!

 Washing my feet before serving them to the fishes..

Maomao made a reservation and we got a little room all to ourselves.

Little fishes seemed to like my feet rather than maomao prolly because fishes dont like his leg hair. HAHAHA. They swarm and stuck to mie which got mie giggling all the time and evil maomao took this pic of mie. My giggles got people outside laughing too =x

Finally, a decent pic… (:

The session ended, leaving the both of us gratified and happy.

My legs were indeed fairer and smoother!

We will be back to feed the fishes again…… hehe


June 26, 2008 - Posted by | *SPECIAL*, Mie, \(*'-')/c('.'c), ~♥♥~

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