The busy and the sick……

maomao had been/is still very busy with PC show while poor mie hadda fall sick at this kind of time…

Mie’s poor little eye is swollen… Even blinking is very painful…

Pitiful mie hadda fend for herself. Nurse her little eye alone because busy man is very occupied with work. What makes it worst is that it is currently exam period…Tried hard not to disturb maomao… Forced myself to be very brave too. But when he actually wakes up to check on my eye… it makes mie cry.

Little sister had been sweet, reminding me when its time to apply my eyedrops and she actually stayed up all night to help mie handcopy revision notes (32 slides) so that mie can rest. Thanks to her nags and reminders, my eye is recovering well.

Happy days will be here again soon…….. (:

Maomao is in luck! Received a random email from a shopping site which will be dealing with men’s apparels.

Now i can shop for him too. He will be delighted to see postman too… (:


June 15, 2008 - Posted by | i miss you very much, Mie

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