Treo Red, my latest baby

As the title suggest…

I got my long awaited dream treo 680 red from maomao in early Mar… Well, my much loved n6300 is getting cranky. Quite upset actually. All my lovey dovey text messages are gone for good. And the entire Melody screensaver…. gone forever too! *pouts* Well…. you gain some, you lose some. I must say, the mixed feelings and dilemma are not easy to handle.

 Super delighted upon my treo red. I’m back to pda phone again. This time, with super efficient calender features. Got timeslot somemore! Superb! And this phone, never hangs because of their Palm OS. Indeed helpful for a klutz like myself. kekeke.

I’ve been so busy i could hardly breathe. Assignments after assignments. They get really bad with my daily migraine attacks recently. They got poor mie whining and crying.

However, all these never stopped me from shopping (online. Im super thankful for the internet. And i love the thrill of waiting for Mr Postman.) Check out my above off shoulder top with frills . Got it online. 

Very grateful for endearing maomao who initiated to take listless and sad mie shopping to cheer mie up (As shown on the above). Very thankful helpful classmates who made all these bearable for mie. And my lovely girls…..

So much so much happened! Back later on! Time to sleep.


May 28, 2008 - Posted by | Mie, \(*'-')/c('.'c), ~♥♥~, ~ShoppingEatingShoppingEating~

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