tWo LonG mOntHs…..

2 long months…. Life had been a roller coaster ride for me.  

The Breaking News of the year is that 毛毛 had a job switch and is doing well and happy. (: Even happier mie because he ends work early and brings mie shopping often *wide smile* . We also have more time for coffee talks and ice cream moments now. 

Sem break ended in mid feb. Mimi (yah. thats what he calls me (-.-) ) got herself a new sch bag, a pretty organiser and am all geared up for school.

Heart the pretty butterflies. (:

毛毛 wrote some stuffs inside “butterfly”. I was told not to peep. When the day comes, i’ll know. I’ve been very curious since the day he penned them down. But to date, i have yet to peep. I dont want to ruin his efforts. They say curiosity kills the cat! HAHA. I decided to be a good cat.

Then there was this period when i felt really unattractive, unhappy and really upset. Got manymanymany new buys but it didnt help at all. Poor 毛毛 listened to mie whine and grumble everyday about how displeased i am with myself. In the end, we decided that i go to 姐姐 for some personalised make up lessons and abit of “counselling”.

I benefited from it. The money was well spent. The confidence and smiles had much came back to mie. And maomao’s ears were spared. HAHAHA



Recently, i have a fetish for blushers. They are so addictive.

This was Love at First Sight!


Pretty Coffret Dor, the latest addition to my collection. It’s really really pretty.

From Estee Lauder pte sale. All thanks to powerful Jamie. =D She got mie jump out of bed, prep and cabbed down all within an hour (-.-) I got there an hour after the sale started. Fortunately, sweeties Jamie and Chris handed me one big bag of stuff they thought i would like, fearing that im missing out good stuff.

My best friends braved mie through the scary crowd, fought bravely with the aunties and ladies to get the samples for mie to try on. *uber touched* How not to love them???

I’ve got blushers, lipsticks and lip glosses enough to last mie good 3 years.

Cosmectics aside, the flowery prints on this lovely tube dress got mie all thrilled. But she’s a heavy price i’ve paid. I fought bravely with maomao for her. *pouts* Her beauty got mie overwhelmed, but mao, on the contrary, finds her too pricey and not worth it. I understood his concerns but sometimes, somethings are just impossible to resist.

Finally, my pretty top


and a picture of my BFF who has telepathy with mie.


No more bangs for mimi. Hope i made the right choice!


April 11, 2008 - Posted by | Mie

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