New year new plan


Girlfriend soon to be 21 -Planning my dearest 宝贝 21st Birthday! Still working on it… *

Fun having you around – Love to see her talking and her smiles… in the MRT, in the BUS, in the CAB, …actually anywhere * … by the way, after the CAB price went up… we have switched our transport means to MRT & BUS and only take CAB when necessary .

My hairstyle – Had my hair cut short but… still grow fast… my hair just grows back to “original” in 1 – 2 weeks time… I recall there’s once I had cut botak before. my friends got a shock. why did I cut botak ? (because a GAY stylist working at Parkway Parade gave me a hairstyle which looks like him… a very GAYISH hairstyle, so I got no choice…cut botak lor ), 1month later My hair had grew back to normal… then I met my friend who was shock at my hairstyle a month ago… he was happily talking to me without noticing my hairstyle. I asked him “! You don’t I cut botak already arh ?” he was stunned for a while before he replied “Ya , … your hair grow very fast ah!!!” (actually I hate my hair, why grow so fast? I can’t even style my hair after my new hairstyle for more then 1 week, cos long already…..)= *

My work – changed my job, for (hopefully) better prospects. Currently working with TOSHIBA DATA DYNAMICS as an Account Executive. Office hours !!! SAT & SUN off * but still not used to having SAT & SUN off… Before switching to TOSHIBA, heard some negative feedbacks abt TOSHIBA management. So far, till now, still not that bad actually (different perception maybe). Anyway they changed the whole Account Executive team, So, I’m now working with a new team! * … My dear says I look and sound happier with my current job! Looking forward to my upcoming IT SHOW during March!



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