A fruitful year..

2007 passed. Left behind were quite alot of good thoughts and some unposted photos…

Candid picture of peach and i laughing.


Mao mao and i went on a dinner date plus my favourite “shop-till u drop” trip… cheering.gif


Dar and i went shopping one day


The last picture of year 2007


2007 went passed very fast. My achievements were nothing idealistic but mainly events and happenings that are happy and gratifying to the soul. I managed to move on very well in life. I officially got together with maomao in the later part of the year because he respects me and dotes on me alot (and most imptly, i can plan and arrange everything freely because he is so ever willing to clear up my messignore.gif) I abandoned my old blog space and together, mao joined me blogging in whiterosesandprawns.  

On top of that, the girls and i have been meeting up quite a bit this year despite our very busy schedule. Therefore, our hearts are always connected. HA HA.

Most importantly, i rediscovered myself and of course my shopping obsession which i have suppress them for a long long time. I am a happier me.

Peach and my first photo of the year.


New outlook of year 2008 is to:

Be Mao Mao’s super girlfriend.

Learn Yoga.

Get Class 3 ASAP.

Do well in school.

Sleep early.

Meet up with everybody regularly.

Learn a new skill.



January 8, 2008 - Posted by | General, Mie

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