He spoils me quite a bit…….


He has every reason to say NO. “I’ve been buying quite abit every mth” “It’s really not the right time to spend due to our agreements” “I already have my precious tote…” But he gave the green light!

Days havent been too easy for mao and i because mao will be getting a new flat. Hence, we are making an effort to live frugal yet be happy nonetheless. It was especially a challenge for me the shopping queen icon_biggrin.gif.

I was really proud of myself initially. Not until i splurge on my limited ed Agnes B from Japan. 😡


Nice hor? laughing.gif

It is partly to replaced my gucci tote for the time being because the fabric is getting dirty already… sad1.gif 心痛!!!!!!!!


Plus this star… i super love. (:


I got it from Ann’s friend’s shop opening. Upon arrival, Reddie caught my immediate attention. It was love at first sight! (: Plus its from Japan…… I was not suppose to spend… But maomao gave the green light. … (:


Even kind Yining and Shiling who took time to come with me love Reddie too. (: *screams* 3 of us hardly go out tgt as a group for a long long time. It was super nice catching up.

It was a happy sin. Back then, i remember i saw manymany people. I saw Huiling.. and Bee and i think i saw Eric also? I saw xin min and i really miss the lovable her a lot……. i also spotted “i remember his face but i forgot his name” Plus it was quite a distance so i didnt say hello…

Days had been well and happy for us these days. Our ongoing mission is to scour for places which serves affordable yet gratifying food.

Ta daa! the attention is suppose to be on the blink blink hair band…. ❤



Occassionally, we do have good meals too….



November 13, 2007 - Posted by | (dar.JAMIE), (dar.YINING), Mie, ~ShoppingEatingShoppingEating~

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