Germaine Germaine Germaine~~~~~~~ (:

Finally… Germaine and i met up last saturday. My same height, same small hands, small feet, small built….. i miss her very much. And Peggy also. But Peggy couldnt make it sad1.gif.


We combed evvvvverrrry corner of Fareast plaza and got very exhausted after that. So we couldnt carry on anymore………

Gone were the days where we had the energy to shopshopshopshop all the way from FEP to Bugis.

Kind Germaine reveal where she got her pretty pretty royal blue top which i spotted her wearing the other night at work.


Uber happy upon getting. icon_biggrin.gif  Everything seems to be on sale lehhh!!!!!! Germaine and i also spotted the following 2 pieces of clothing. But greedy me got both since there is a sale~ 



Happily, we head to Raffles city to see my “Reserved” pair of heels which i really really really love but i know its way overpriced, i know. But i like. Anyway, i didnt buy in the end… sad1.gif Because mao mao will be very disappointed if i did (although he says i can get it if i want). I hope what i did was right and i hope mao is proud of me…

We met mao for dinner and i initiated to bring Germaine to WARUKA for dinner. (:


As usual… i ordered my fav bowl of noodles like always and Germaine claim to like what she ate. (:


Sweet mao mao sent us home despite being very tireddd…. *hugs* Thank you maomao, for being sweet….. I know you were very tired already. =] i love and appreciate your efforts.


October 25, 2007 - Posted by | Mie, ~ShoppingEatingShoppingEating~

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