Mao Mao’s birthday was a success!

I’m no born leader, a poor planner. Basically, a spider and a very disorganised person. )=

However, i took up the challenge in hope to give maomao a pleasant birthday. I spent 4hrs the night before, trying to make him a birthday card. I don’t have art genes so the card wasnt really fanciful. But it is filled with tender loving care, lots of blood and sweat, manymany efforts.

Treated mao mao to a full body massage at Jiejie’s side. Wanted facial for him also initially but jiejie claims that lucky maomao has good skin. 🙂 Brought mao mao along to collect the little birthday cupcakes and we settled down at Secret Garden for cutting cake ceremony and drinks. I also handed him his birthday gift.

kindddd secret garden in-charge? dont know what he is lah. but he was very nice to let us settle down in there half an hr before they open for dinner. (:

Then after that we went to fetch mao mao’s mum and off we went to Ikea to shop around. I deliberately wanted to include mao mao’s mum in because it was the actual day whereby this noble woman gave birth to him. Arent we suppose to give mums a treat to thank them for going through so much to give us life? (: im gladdddd everyone was happy.

And even happier that muddlehead mie managed to make things work that day!


My eyes are beginning to look as smoll as him 一条线 😦



October 12, 2007 - Posted by | *SPECIAL*, maomao b'dae, Mie

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