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Feeling very sad, i decided to share my thoughts with mao. 

Lately, i’ve been directly/indirectly exposed to several broken marriages and sparks-dying off cases. And in all these cases, relationships were ongoing for quite some time before things began to change…

I feel upset and insecure.

Mie: Mao… Guys will eventually get tired of their partners huh?

Mao: Ge ren ge ren lah. Why leh?

Mie: I came across this blog… whereby this Mr nice (when i mean he’s nice, he is a family man, works very hard. Love his wife and kid ALOT) eventually did some bad things behind his wife after 17 yrs together.

Mie: … Then… last night, i was watching my HK Show dvd. This guy’s gf went overseas to study for 2 yrs. Came back for holidays only, guy fell for another girl. The girl is even willing to give up her studies. But he dont want her liao.

Mie: Look at xxxxxx and xxxxxxxxxxx, tgt for so long already. Look at people ard us! Everything seems like a norm no them. No sparks.. Very saddening one you know? And women “depreciate” as time goes by. Men grow sexier and attractive as yrs past. Mao, will u dont want mie next time?

Mao: *Laughs* Must ban tv and internet liao.. If not your thoughts will run wild and u will have nightmare (yes, i often dream of tv scenarios 😡 )

Mie: I’m serious. Weren’t they very much in love to make them want to get together initially? Look at now? It’s always the guys up to no good.

Mao: I wont let u waste your youth okay?

I feel so much hearing his reply.

On another occasion….

Mie: If i grow uglier… will u dump me?

Mao: Won’t.

Mie: But u must know women aged very fast one? Then the guy eventually will want to move on for someone pretty and sexier.

Mao Mao laughed.

Mie: )=

Mie: Mao… if i get uglier… u cannot ditch me okay? you must tell me honestly. Sponser all my plastic surgery fees. I will enhance any part…. every part of my face that u dont like. But u must PAY. 😉

Mao : (-.-)


October 12, 2007 - Posted by | Mie, ~ShoppingEatingShoppingEating~

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