*secret entry*

  I’m secretly blogging because i have been casting my “due this wednesday” assignment aside for very long and i should be hugging buddha’s leggy now……… Mao must never find out. Or else…………………………………………………….

no lah… Dont have or else lah! Till date, mao has never raised his voice at me (cross fingers). 

Recently, i hadden been very thoughtful and i feel sad about it. Just last week, an unpleasant issue involving a pair of shorts took place because careless mie was completely oblivious to mao mao’s feelings.

Yes, it was due to carelessness and then, i was completely ignorant of the possible issues that could arise. No doubt i have super high tolerance level, i loathe insensitivity. So why am i turning into such a person………?

All was well (at least silly me thought so)……. until mao and i was on our usual webcam session having our little chats at night and he told me he felt a little uneasy about it…. I’m happy as well as suprised that he was able to keep his compose while relating to me.

  Happy because we have no problems communicating and we can talk about just anything. With him, i can talk freely, laugh loudly, openly tell him of all my worries and fears, likes and dislikes.

After lil chat, all was well and happy again. I didnt do much to make mao mao feel better except my manymany sorrys and my little “sompa ceremony” that i will be more careful next time.

Part of me… was very sad and disappointed with myself. And useless me, cannot conceal my saddddddd face )= . Webcam was on… remember? Mao Mao, on the contrary, put on a wide smile and try all sorts and means to comfort and make me smile again.

Few days later, while shopping at Taka, i took the initiative to step into Nike to get myself a decent pair of shorts for Gym. Sweet mao mao offered to sponsor half the cost of my shorts. I was speechless and very touched at the moment.

A gift i’ll always love for its significance.


And just yesterday, i was so soundly asleep that i missed the alarm clock ringing and didnt wake mao mao up for his meeting. He was very late for meeting. He was not the least angry with me. Instead, he told me to enjoy my sleep, claiming that waking up early for meeting is his own responsibility, not mine.

He assuringly told me its not my fault. This time, tears welled up in my eyes.

They were all right. Mao adores me alot. So much so that sometimes, i feel like i’m a parasite living off him. )=

Mao, i wana say a big Thank You. For embracing my flaws and accepting me for me. I feel so happy with u and i’m going to stick to u like leech. icon_biggrin.gif


October 9, 2007 - Posted by | Mie

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