4days leave and my b’dae

thank you very much to my dear

my b’dae story

cute little cup cakes from roomfordesserts at waterloo street

with a sweet smile from you,

no matter what happen,

a kiss from you is always stuck on my cheek.

known my gf for
first month (smile)

after six months (laugh) …

then almost a year now…

from smiling -> laughing -> looney bin

looney bin = mental institution .. opps 😡

Why do I smile with my cup cake on my mouth ?

because everyone reading this blog knows that this

cup cakes that my my lips is done my gf

reading my b’dae card from her

It’s my mama (at IKEA)

Thank you for the full body massage treat from “HAVEN”

the cupcakes from roomsfordessert

the effort to dress up so beautiful everytime we meet up

making the birthday card and thank your meimei too!

planning the whole celebration

and bring along my mum with us

blog by maomao /day310


October 5, 2007 - Posted by | *SPECIAL*, maomao b'dae

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