Mao mao can be sickening at times. lol. I ordered some cupcakes for his birthday from waterloo strt and am determine to keep it a secret and give him a surprise. On an occassion, i accidently pull out the receipt from my wallet while retriveing something else. Clever mao spotted something. And he goes.

Mao: Hey… i heard that Cupcakes from waterloo strt is nice.

Mie: (panic) HUH? no lah. nobody order cupcakes lah. Who says cupcakes from there is nice? nonsense.

Mao: OHHH.. i read from FORUMS that its nice.

Mie:  (-.-) (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Forums.. that is where i always turn to for s.o.s.) 

Mie: Is it? but i never order leh.

Mao: Thats too bad… i thought i can get to eat cupcakes from there..


My postage arrived already… (:


I happily ripped open my postage to find my loots so merticulously wrapped up….


They also generously threw in 2 pieces of samples- their latest product!



I am very happy and Im going to order somemore!!!!!!

Jamie and i  went to town few days back to hunt for tops and bags.


Then i spotted the $99 brand-less, Bo hua but very pretty bag AGAIN but this time at fareast. Called mao mao.

Me: Hello mao… i saw the bag again leh… there the $99 bag i showed u at Raffles City push-cart. Your sleepy eyes immediately lit up when i showed u. Remember?

Mao: Ya… HUH? Up to you lah.. If you like then buy okay?

Me: (Something is wrong with this man) okay lah okay lah. Dont like already. Dont buy already okay?

Mao: No lah.. not worth it mah… If the price justifies with the bag, i will even get for u. Dont buy okay? We’ll go shop for a bag for u on my birthday.

Me: (appeased) Okay. Bye Bye.. (:

In the end.. i got something else for half the price. Not as stunning. But still very pretty. Mao mao is happy too.

ps. I hope his words still counts.

Chris and i finally got to attend our Amore fitness tgt. I activated my a/c on the very last day (-.-)


It was where i realised i havent been exercising for a long long time. Lucky me wont classify myself as unfit yet. Because after a hard day of work out… my limbs are not aching very badly. PHEW!

Then i met mao mao after his work to celebrate “moon day”.

Mao mao dont seem to know how to smile with his lips closed.



All look so obligated!


So… after my teachings… he did it right finally. (:


Spot my BIG pimple. )=


Very ugly and unsightly. So… in order to look better in the upcoming pictures… i gotta do something.




Thats my temp solutions. Till my pimple goes away~

Finally, my man in spects. I kind of like him this way…. (:



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