Cabby Q for 3 ladies . . . & today’s Durain Moon Cake !

Last night after our meet-up at library then we head to the hawker beside Allson Hotel, after our dinner we head home by train to Kembangan MRT then we took cab back to my Baobie’s home then to my home… guess what happen?

I saw a lady in blue dress in our cab Q feeling a little uneasy, then I told my baobie ..

Mao : Later shall we let this lady have the our cab first? Cos I think she’s uncomfortable…

Baobie : Okay !!!

…After a few second… Baobie turn back and look at our Q…

The Q look like this à maomao & memiemi , lady 1 , lady 2 , lady 3 with blue dress (pregnant).

While we’re still waiting for our cab, I happen to turn to look at our Q… Baobie ask me,

Baobie : Mao ! Later if lady 1 & lady 2 also say they’re also pregnant how ?

Mao : Yah or…

(Because lady 1 looks likes she’s pregnant, lady 2 tummy which looks like she’s also pregnant…lady 3 is already pregnant…)

In the end we decided to hop in the cab ourselves… Sorry lady 3 L Because we’re worry lady 1 & lady 2 are also pregnant…


Today, We had our shopping at Far East Plaza then, my Baobie bring me to GoodWoodPark Hotel to purchase Durian Mooncake for my mum… then we head to Bugis by Bus…

In the bus, I told Baobie this “Dear! Actually you just need to buy 1 box of 1 moon cake will do”

Surprisingly she replied this to me… “No ah, Mama eat one, maomao eat one, don’t your mama want to eat another one meh ? don’t maomao want to eat another one meh ? .. So total 4 lor … ( -.-“)


We both had a great day…


Maomao @ 290DAYS



September 15, 2007 - Posted by | General

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