Screen Theory submission due soon… Basic Theory coming soon… Amore pass expiring soon… Mao mao’s birthday very soon… Why must everything come together? )= Mao mao would happily take it in his stride if it were him…. but i feel im breaking down. *pouts*

I wanna faster finish ST report and at least pass. I want to pass Basic Theory and move on quickly. I wanna happily go for Amore classes and hopefully achieve my “hour-glass”. I want to plan and do mao mao’s birthday detailed-ly at my own pace.


Anyway, on a lighter note….

I am excitedly waiting for my loots to arrive. 😉




Surprisingly, Mao is excited about it too. HA HA. One fine day… he asked me “Have your bundle arrive yet?” tee hee hee. I have the sweetest boyfriend who is willing to support my interest.

After a few hrs of online shopping one day, with beaming eyes, i told maomao i wanted to order A LOT OF stuff from benefit. He readily agreed without the slightest objection. Then feeling a tinge of guilt.. i asked, “Mao… i know i’ve been spending quite a little lately. Honestly, are you the slightest unhappy over my excessive shopping?”

My Gem smiled and told me “Whatever that will make mie 美美, then go ahead and buy okay?”

Back at home… it is mostly mao mao cooking for me, mao mao offering to do the dishes himself, mao mao wanting to mop the foor himself. So one day… i asked “毛.. 为什么你喜欢咪huh??  咪只会买东西, 吃东西, 睡觉, 唱歌, hug hug.” Then mao mao laughed and claimed he like it this way. I knew then, God bestowed me with a Gem. (:  

The hug my sweetest bf deserves.


Mao… i really appreciate you. *hugs*


And immediately after i penned this down, i am determine to faster finish sickening ST Report, dump it into the submission box, and start working on mao mao’s gift. (:


September 13, 2007 - Posted by | Mie, ~ShoppingEatingShoppingEating~

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