Sick and worn out )=

Finally Comex’07 ended. Poor mao mao had been slogging very hard for Comex. Got mao mao “Pi pa gao” because i dont want him to lose his voice after Comex. Also, it is my way of showing moral support (: As for myself, i’ve been sick for one week already. Visited 3 different doctors. made maomao very worried…. )=

It all started last tuesday.. a bad headache hit me after my morning lessons ended. Hadda cancel my shopping trip with peggy and Germaine darling )= I ended up sleeping my day through while waiting for maomao to come home…… Mao cannot take leave because Comex is coming already. However, he rushed home after work to find a very “hot” mie. Then he took me to doctor downstairs…

Fever,Headache,Sorethroat,Diarrhoea,R/Nose. )=

The number of pills i have to eat thrice a day…


)= But sweet mao mao say if i religiously take my pills till i recover…. he’ll get me a dress! =D

All these medications got me drowsy and moody. The bad news is.. i have 2 deadlines to meet this wed… Dammit! how to finish when i am either unwell or drowsy?? *sigh* 我是苦命人!

Finally changed my ear studs. Mao says its very pretty and so i can claim from him.. (:


Jamie and i went back to GM (our sec sch) last friday on teacher’s day.




Then dar drove us to Kallang for Mac breakfast… After that she sent me to work.. (:


September 3, 2007 - Posted by | (dar.JAMIE), Mie, sick )=, ~ShoppingEatingShoppingEating~

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