Can Hug Cannot Kiss Days Over !!!

Absent in blogging for almost 10days…Recently i’m not feeling quite well and with my Dia Dia with me… everything seems fine HeeHee J , Thank you… Thank you for baring with me this few days… and those Can Hug Cannot Kiss days are over now ..

!!! yayy !!!

Now, I’M FINE NOW !!!

STARBUCKS DRINK after our steamboat …

Dia Dia tell me this is free from the counter …

Mie : Mao!!! They say cashier counter closed… so they treat us drink!!!

Mao : Zhen De Meh ? Hee Hee … Free Drink …

1st time ever we have not seen each other for more then 4days… finally get to meet my Dia Dia 😀

my nokia 6300 model .. sweet right ?

I still remember that day when we change our new phone nokia… or maybe “out of the sudden” why do we want to change ?

Because my Dia Dia phone don’t seems to have GSM Signal sometimes so i decide to sell it in Yahoo Auctions.. Guess what ? I post online at about 12mid night, morning 9am… receive a call asking about my phone posted on Yahoo Auctions… wah!!! This guy really so hungry about this phone arh… so we both meet that guy at Cityhall Mrt… then we hunt for our phone ASAP… NOBODY CAN FIND US FOR ABOUT AN HOUR!!! HAHA.. by the way, lets pray for that guy… cos both of our phones don’t really in good conditions… =x


Planning to get a CREATIVE MP3 during upcoming COMEX 2007 at Suntec. By the way it’s from 30th Aug – 3th Sept

But we’ve not decide which colour to get…


Till today we’ve known each other for 268days… wah !!! going to 365days…


Memiemi \(^-^)/c(^,^c) Maomao












August 24, 2007 - Posted by | General

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