maomao took leave last monday to spend time with me. (: We watched ZhouJieLun’s movie plus RushHour3. (: Mao got mie a lovely FoxFox Sweater made of Alladin’s hair (You must be wondering why got Alladin hair stuck at the sweater. The salesgirl said so (-.-) Anyway, Alladin’s hair is very comfortable.)


Thanks Mao!!!!!!! Love it…..

Besides, on xxx-day, Mao treated me to Riverxxxxxx (i seriously forgot the name) Indonesian Restaurant where we had a whole table of food. Food was nice. Serving was big too.


Mao mao is very happy to have a big bucket of rice all to himself. lol



Besides, I also had a very gratifying shopping session with peach last sat. Initially, we had the whole day until my classmate sms-ed me at 9.25am saying that there’s a compulsory lesson fom 9am till 4pm that day. So dejected to hear such thing early in the morn….. On called a cab, brushed my teeth then set off to sch in mao’s jacket my shorts, slippers and uncombed hair. lol. And i got to sch at 9.40am. (-.-)

  Met peach aftermath…




Tubedress which i bio very long already. Finally its mine… (:


And the last piece of blue cotton which i know peach had obviously given to me. Thanks dear. i know u love it lot too but i know.. u love me more (: .


Chatted over dinner table. The time we spent tgt is so comforting. So assuring that my best friend is still with me all these while despite our hectic schedule and differences at work… (:


August 21, 2007 - Posted by | Mie, ~ShoppingEatingShoppingEating~

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