So manymanymany things happened….. i call this ROJAK!

i’m allergic to PRAWNS. confirm already. )= i secretly ate prawns and am having rashes all over my cheeks. very traumatising. Been grumbling and whining alot to mao mao who’s been assuring me alot that the rash will go…. *HAI* Never had this before. And having rashes on the face is really very depressing.

*Thank you mao mao. for patiently listen to me grumble over work and whine about my face.* Im so fortunate to have you around to listen and coax me.* HUAT AH! (-.-)

At one point, i asked mao.

ME: “Mao. you know how to whine? i teach you… want?”

(mao’s face was (-.-) lol.)

MAO: “bu yao bu yao”

ME: *giggles* Come lah. i teach u. very easy one. you try… come.

Anyway, mao barely scrapped through “level one”. HAHAHA. But thats a good try, a good start… bwahhahahahhaah

Sweetie Jamie called up and offered to drive me out for food. Dar’s car had 3 pairs of shades “displayed”. This is what i call “tai tai’s car”. Soon, there’ll be killer heels, shoes, clothes, bags all over the car in case she wants to go anywhere last minute. Dar’s things are ever so facinating. Even her bag got unused lottery tix. (-.-) Dar… move back to siglap please? then i can see u everyday.

Besides, Mao and i replaced our PURE with N6300. It all happened so fast. Mao brought it up in the day, and mao got our new phones in the evening. Anyway, it was due to that our previous phones are very battery consuming.

Also celebrated sweetie Germaine’s birthday over at Ichiban Esplanade and St James aftermath. I’ll never master 5 10 but mao, Jiarong, Peggy and Germaine seemed to enjoy it. Blur me forgot to take the camera on the table… )= And Germaine’s cam wasnt well either.

One fine day at Jamie’s house…

 dar and i at her place

Her facinating collection of nail polish


And this


Still got somemore!!!!!!!!!


Dar painted my toes..


See… i told u its ROJAK. (-.-) will take time to blog often!

Janice Wei Lan- Da Ge.mp3


August 12, 2007 - Posted by | General, Mie

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