With this, 


And this…..


 Mao and i finally got together after sharing 234 days of ambiguous relationship. So much has happened. I’m glad the worst is over and we finally got together happily. (:

  It came totally as a surprise because mao merely told me beforehand that we’re going on a date on this day. Despite my pleas and threats and tricks, he refuse to leak out anything *slaps forehead*. So he literally gave me 3 sleepless nights trying to figure out what is going to happen and i woke up on this “big day” with a little pimple at the top left corner of my face! )=

i was told to dress up. Then maomao lured me to Bugis. Being very curious, i got there early and arrived on time and jeopardise Mao’s own plan because he never expect me to be so punctual. lol. He blurted out that he havent got my fav book, my flowers, my r….. *giggles*

Mao’s first words of the day were “waaaaaaaaaaaaa. MIE HEN MEI LEH!!!!!!!!” My instant thoughts were “Thank you peach. I knew i could always count on you. Thank you for all the trouble and time spent on me. (: ” Mao’s words made me very happy.

We went on to have our dinner. MY FAVOURITE STEAK! oh god~ S-T-E-A-K.

The Mie and her soup~



A HUNGRY man is an ANGRY man. HA HA HA HA HA

Mao and steak~


Somewhere, somehow (before dinner actually), came those mushy mushy sweet nothings *blush*. I love the appreciation and the genuine acceptance from him. And then came the “Can….. …… ………….?” It was a moment i’ll always remember. (:

After dinner was shopping then “The Watch Ceremony”.



Thank you mao. Steak was marvellous. Date was wonderful. I appreciate your efforts though you told me its not well organised but i know u are a busy man. Plus you dont want me to find out beforehand but since i am so clever, it must have been hard on you*lol*. I love your gift. And everything u said made me so touched.



July 22, 2007 - Posted by | *SPECIAL*, Mie

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  1. pretty preety watch. I LIKE..
    ugly ugly dia.I DONT LIKE..
    u are very bad.u din post abt JAM JAM JAM.
    i acc u aft ur clinic.remember?

    anyway, i still lovee u

    Comment by jamiee | July 22, 2007 | Reply

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