Why White Roses And Prawns?

For a fresh change, we decided to switch to wordpress. And because white roses are mie’s favourite and Mao love prawns. So clever me got up with this! HAHAHAHA.

Anyway, mao and i finally got together after 235 days *heehee*. Will update on it once photos are ready. Mao. Sorry for the long wait, Thank you for standing by me. I appreciate all of you and your efforts. (:  

My Postage finally arrived today and i’m so happy!


So pretty pretty isnt it? (:


On the other hand, i also got myself a Capri from Esprit 2 days Back.

Although the photograph dosent compliment the capri as much as the real life thingy do, its really pretty and i “risked” my life for it.


It was 3 days back and i went back to clinic for second blood test to ensure that i am free from dengue. Unfortunately, Dr Quah was on duty that morning and she administrated to my blood drawing.  Unfortunately because i have heard that she’s not very skillful and gentle whilst handling needles and injection. )=

True enough, she had to poke for the third time before she got my 2 tubes of blood (Yes, i am very badly anaemic but Dr Ho took my blood in one shot with no pain at all the other time.) Get my drift? Poor me left the clinic with 3 “holes” under 2 big plasters on my hand.

)= Headed to mao’s workplace. Then he suggested that i go back to rest and we eat dinner tgt later in the evening. Left but i got tempted by the  “SALESALESALESALE” stickers going on at Accesorize, RiverISLAND, Esprit…… that was when i got my capri. Sinful but very happy.

Wanted to faster sneak home and rest. Who knows, mao called when i reached Kallang Stn.

Mao: “Hello.. mie. where are you? It’s been 2 hours, why u havent reach home ah?”

Mie: *Gasps* uh-oh! (started to giggle)

Mao: orh…. u went shopping again when you are supposed to rest.

Then mao suggested that i U-Turn back to get his house keys from him. I got frantic and started calling christina for ideas to why i got my capri.

In the end… when mao saw me and the shopping bag in my hand, i showed him my “injured” hand again and told him “mao… hen ke lian hor?” LOL.

His eyes focused on my shopping bag and started to laugh at me.


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